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March 27, 2019


Stewardship in an Uncomfortable World

Beyond the geopolitical and economic uncertainties, “wicked” societal challenges abound. Should leaders both from the public and private sector adopt a stewardship code to tackle these challenges? Watch it here.


About the show:


Perspectives involving leading thinkers and influencers from academia, private sector and think tanks, together with audience, meet to discuss key current affairs issues you should care about.


This is a highly interactive town hall style programme where 75% of the panel discussion is driven by questions from the floor. 


Channel NewsAsia aims to leave you with a memorable experience filled with quotable quotes and possibly provocative ideas for change. We hope to move people, viewers and our online users into a network where a marketplace of ideas and possibly a toolkit might just provide users with guidance on how they can bring about policy change in organizations and communities.