Coworking spaces have been popping out all over the world but one brand has been building its presence around the world, the Impact Hub. I first came across the Impact Hub’s Singapore franchise when I was searching for coworking spaces in Singapore. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how these coworking spaces operated and what it took to build a community that helped entrepreneurs succeed. 

Startup Insider got the opportunity to sit down with the Hub SG team and a few of the Hubbers who are currently going through the Hub’s Pact Incubator Program. The Hub SG puts a special focus and premium on social enterprises and helping these startups in Singapore scale their impact.

A Quick Background of The Hub SG

Over the last three yeas, The Hub has built Singapore’s largest community of entrepreneurs with over 400 events and workshops, 40+ mentors and 500 entrepreneurs (global network of 10,000+).

The Hub’s co-founder, Grace Sai, set out to solve two problems: 1) Widening Singapore’s limited definition of ‘success’ and 2) Channeling an individual’s talents, experiences, and capital towards solving social and environmental problems for Singapore and the region. The Hub’s Head of Business Development Fiza Malhotra shared with us, “We envisioned a community of people - a “tribe” outside of your family, friends, etc. - with diverse beliefs, skill sets, and backgrounds coming together to innovate solutions.”

2015-08-25-1440510875-667959-_6ZA6032.jpg The Hub SG Team

Empowering the Ecosystem

A big part of the Hub’s goal is to empower startups that are making an impact in the society. They do this by actively partnering with different companies and orgnizations. For instance, the Hub was a partner of e27, which held its Echelon Top 20 Pitch night at the Hub.

At the same time, you also have companies like Braintree setting up its Singapore office in the Hub coworking space. BrainTree is the fullstack payments platform that powers companies like Uber and Airbnb. Audrey shared with us how it’s important for BrainTree to be immersed in the startup ecosystem since it’s their goal to help take away the problems when it comes to payments for merchants and startups.

The PACT Incubator Program

The Hub just last year launched PACT, an incubator program that takes in social-impact startups and helps them further develop their business and increase their impact regionally. We spoke with a few of them including the founders of Giveasia, Impact Guru, Skillseed, Nest8 and Society Staples.

2015-08-25-1440511052-801407-_6ZA6255.jpg The Hub SG Coworking Space