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A Masterclass for the Found8 Community

We're introducing the first episode of Found8 Meet the Experts 2021 session with TechBridge & TalentKraft, with the focus on Acknowledging & Controlling your Talent Gap. 
The Talent Gap is a new theory pioneered by TechBridge & TalentKraft, which proves the link between the employee strategy you operate and the profit that your business generates. 
All businesses, from Facebook and Google to pre-revenue startups, have a Talent Gap. Some simply control it better than others. Through this masterclass, TechBridge & TalentKraft will walk you through how to recognise your business talent gaps, and how to grow profits through controlling it. 
This masterclass will introduce you to:
  • Defining Company Culture: Diagnostic with founders to identify what work environment you want and what is your current culture

  • Employee Value Proposition Development: Articulate why candidates should join you in order to compete with larger and better-known rivals for top talent

  • Job Descriptions: How to write a job description to attract the right candidate for the role at a budget you can afford

  • Employer Brand Definition: Define your culture and what you offer your team to compete in the talent war

  • Enhancing your sourcing: An overview of sourcing channels and strategies

  • Screening tools: How to improve hiring efficiency, objectivity and candidate experience with a standard process and leveraging screening tools

  • Interview preparation: Question banks, scorecards and best practices for in-person and contactless interviews

  • Job offers:  Leveraging your assets to minimise candidate drop off

  • Onboarding: How to quickly engage a new hire as a contributing team member

Fill in this short diagnostics survey for your business before the masterclass! 
Date: 26th February 2021
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Eugene Goh — Co-Founder of TalentKraft
Eugene Goh is the Co-Founder of TalentKraft. He hails experience from working in the Boston Consulting Group as well as the Singapore Government, where he focused on HR procedures and processes that benefit growing businesses through effective and affordable methods.