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Top Strategies to Attract Talent & Grow Your Startup


The modern economy is experiencing a startup boom. The market is evolving and consumers’ needs are changing faster than ever.


If you want to succeed with an emerging business, follow this set of tips that will guide you through the complex path of commercial expansion.


In this article, you’ll learn how to organise your hiring process and build a highly skilled team of professionals. Remember that financial success also depends on the grade of proficiency your employees perform in everyday tasks and operations.


Key Facts & Statistics about Startups 


According to a report by Top Startup Failure Rate Statistics, this is the current state of startups in the United States:


Goal / Concern

Grade of concern in the industry

American startups that said they planned to add more employees as of 2019

80 percent

Access to talent as the most critical issue affecting most startups

63 percent

Incompetence as the most common reason why businesses fail

46 percent

Startups in the US that believe organic growth will be their company’s next source of funding

6 percent


Steps to Build a Well-Structured Startup with an Outstanding Staff


Now, we’ll walk you through four of the most important tips you need to apply to shape a high-performing professional team.


1. Talk to the candidates about the value of the jobs you’re offering

Let potential employees know how valuable they might be for your company’s project. Also, tell them that the role they’re applying for is useful and impactful. The best way you can make them see the meaningfulness of that job position is by talking in detail about it. 


The impact of a role will determine the grade of effectiveness that the professional will perform in specific tasks. If you make candidates realise the weight their performance has on the company’s projects, you’ll gain people who are committed to bettering the developments of your products and services. 


How can you find top-rated talents for your business? Currently, startups and large tech companies in the US have strong relationships with coding bootcamps. Schools like Coding Dojo and App Academy send qualified graduates to famous companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Coding bootcamps are great hubs for tech professionals in the 21st century, especially, if you run a tech startup. 


2. Don’t apply a strict standard profile to all candidates

Not all candidates have similar profiles. Each recruit has special characteristics that stand out as their most valuable skills for the industry. Study and analyse each profile instead of creating a formula to decide which candidate is appropriate for the job positions. This way, you can determine whether each profile will provide added value for the startup.


The success of the recruiting process depends on your ability to detect high-performing candidates that give strategic outcomes to the company. Professional quality is up to the employee, but you have a responsibility to help employees optimise their tasks.


3. Ask your candidates about their needs to help them grow

Try to be a good match with the candidates. True leaders have to know what motivates employees to be better every day. Assess the applicant so that you can connect his needs with the company’s goals. Engagement must be mutual. If the candidates find what they need to grow professionally in your startup, your work as a CEO is to keep them engaged. 


To compensate or even offer an appealing job position, the best way to support their needs is to offer them professional development programs. Job training programs are excellent strategies to attract professionals who are always looking forward to learning and improving. For instance, remote work is a modern need for professionals.


4. Encourage and promote smart risks

New professionals are more prone to taking risks. Emerging businesses must maintain a philosophy based on taking risks with strategic measures. Risks are part of gaining new segments in the market. A smart professional always wants to take smart risks. You have to be attentive to your business investments to join those professionals.


Which Qualities Are Needed in a Startup?

  • Desire to Learn: Startups are spaces for learning and gaining new and useful skills every day. This is a priority in these kinds of companies.

  • Collaboration: Collaboration is part of the values of a startup as it speeds up and distributes all of the workloads better. You can apply data science services to improve employee performance. 

  • Diversity: A startup has professionals from all fields with a wide variety of knowledge about technical, scientific, and humanistic careers.

  • Passion: Dedicating full-time hours to what you do is what moves the world. Passion is another value that sustains the global startup culture. 


Prioritisation of human resources is the best tool. It’s also a soft skill for the company to increase the quality of the startup. The more your employees improve, the better your business partnerships will be in terms of demand level from potential customers. 

This article was contributed by professionals at Career Karma. Career Karma is the easiest way to find a job training program online. They help over 1 million workers navigate their careers every month through advice and coaching.

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