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Remote Working Tech Trends & Tips to Stay Secure

By | on 11, Aug 2021 |   Team & Culture


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Think Coworking Spaces are Passé? It can be Your Business Solution Now

By | on 06, Jul 2021 |   Team & Culture


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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: 4 Ways Michelle Yong Groomed Herself to Balance Life & Work

By | on 21, Apr 2021 |   Team & Culture Podcast

    Content in this article is based on the Cut the BS podcast by Found8, episode 1: Michelle Yong –  A wife, a mom, a serial entrepreneur, and our boss. 

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How to Recruit and Retain Your Talented Tech Employees

By | on 26, Aug 2020 |   Team & Culture Start Up 101 Tech

  In the past, talent was often recruited from one place: universities. Traditional jobs only required a conventional type education, but that is no longer the case. In the 21st century, people of all[...]

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Signs You're Experiencing Burnout and How to Get Past It

By | on 29, Jul 2020 |   Team & Culture

  It’s official - there’s only five months left of 2020…   We applaud all the business owners, employees and freelancers (not to mention people like yourself) that have been holding it together all th[...]

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8 Ways To Do a Digital Detox This Month

By | on 10, Jun 2020 |   Team & Culture

  Technological fatigue has become very real, especially for all of us experiencing a cataclysmic 2020. The coronavirus pandemic brings to attention how important it is to make sure your physical and [...]

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Remote Working Setups: We Ask 7 Companies "What Is The New Normal?"

By | on 03, Jun 2020 |   Team & Culture

  Lockdowns have lifted in most countries, like the Circuit Breaker in Singapore and MCO in Malaysia, but businesses, office spaces and coworking spaces can already see, what was will never be again.

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Is This The End of Coworking As We Know It?

By | on 29, Apr 2020 |   Team & Culture Sales & Marketing

  The COVID-19 crisis highlights why flexibility in business and your employees working structure is vital for success. Although flexible workers in coworking communities already understand this nomad[...]

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Found8 Coworking Launches Biggest COVID-19 Membership Relief

By | on 24, Apr 2020 |   Team & Culture Sales & Marketing



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