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Sales & Marketing, Tech

March 29, 2016


Staying Omnipresent in a Mobile World

As mobile technology becomes even more prevalent in consumers' lives, brands now have ever newer ways of connecting with consumers. Possible employees have to be careful about what they post on their social media, lest they get fired or rejected. And god forbid your company doesn't have a Whatsapp marketing strategy.

Today's buzzword among businesses is to have omnichannel strategy - a strong presence on any channel that consumers are on. However, this is a complex and expensive strategy - not to mention, the level of frustration that are rising up in consumers as they are bombarded by brand messages day by day.

Acacia, Asia Pacific Trend Strategist at TrendWatching, explains how omnipresence could be a gold mine for your brand, if used the right way. Interested in learning more? Check out one of our free community events at Found.!