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June 13, 2016


Speed Dating: Transfer Your Passion Into Your Pitch 

Have you struggled to make people excited about your startup? Ever felt that it was hard to make other people as passionate about your business as you are? The trouble could lie in the fact that you don't have a concise and sharp networking pitch.
We had a fantastic Speed Dating session on 11th May, where a great group of our Hubbers gathered to train with each other and learn how to use the power of passion to build excitement around your business! Our Speed Dating sessions connect members with each other in a fixed minimum time to either build bridges that can help you move your projects forward or simply to get feedback or inspiration by sharing ideas and tips!
Here are some tips that we shared with our Hubbers so that they would be able to transfer passion into their pitch! 
Tell people why you do what you do. Show them you have understood their pain, and this is why you have come up with a solution. It can be because you have personally faced this issue, or because someone close to you faced it. It can be because it has a huge impact on the society and you want to take ownership for it
You do not have to spend 15min explaining the problem. It can be done in one sentence. Instead explain why you want to tackle it and how you have come up with a solution. This will make it more personal.
As it often happens, with small businesses, people may not have heard of your brand or business solutions. If you've worked with big names or reputable brands, or event the competitors of your audience, don't be afraid to weave that into your pitch. It lends credibility to your business if you are able to show how your business has helped solve problems or create value for a well known brand.
Remember not to pack too much information into your pitch. Often entrepreneurs get caught up in the finer details of their business but don't see that this may be hard to absorb for someone hearing about it for the first time. Identify the key aspects of your business that make it dynamic and don't inundate your audience with too many facts. Leave them curious and wanting to know more! Just like when you send in a CV, the objective is not to drown people with details. The objective is to create interest and get an appointment! It is the same with your pitch.
Don't sell your business outright, but be transparent and let your goals be known. For example if you are fundraising for your business, be open about your motives, the amount you need to raise, and how this will translate into sustained business growth. Have a call to action, by letting them know what your next steps are and how you envision a partnership of synergy growing from your interaction. Remember to tailor your call to action according to your audience! You wouldn't have the same call to action for a client, as you would for an investor, right?
One big mistake that people make is that they come off too rehearsed during their pitch. The more conversational and authentic you are, the better you are able to connect with your audience. If you stumble, just laugh it off and start over! Remember that while its good to show that you are passionate, you should also exercise some restraint so as not to overwhelm your audience.
TEST YOURSELF! We cant' say it enough! Get as much feedback as possible from friends, mentors or other entrepreneurs. Often we are not able to see the mistakes we make in our pitch until someone else points it out to us. Keep an open mind, get feedback, and have fun! You may find that negative selling doesn't work with your target audience, for example.
Join us for our next Speed Dating on 15 June 2106 for more high powered sessions with our community!
Also check out the awesome video from our mentor Stu Garrow, who shared more about how to win over someone you're pitching to. Sharing your passion, will get you much further! :)