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Podcasting 101 by Puma Podcasts

To celebrate International Podcast month, Found8 is hosting a series of podcasting workshops by industry professionals, to give you a better understanding of the world of podcasting and what it really takes to produce content that drives engagement and interest.


Last week we were joined by Mikkel Bolante, CTO of Puma Podcasts, at Found8 Anson to share with us the basics of starting your first podcast, and tips on making a good podcast become great.


PumaPodcasts (PumaPublic) is a first mover in the podcasting and audio production space in the Philippines. PumaPublic is building a network of podcasts, while providing the production and training capacity to support other media practitioners who want to expand into the same platform. Since its operations began in January, PumaPublic has already launched six podcasts on news and current events, law and governance covering Filipino entrepreneurs, history, women’s empowerment, and sports.


Here are 8 useful links to content platforms and creators mentioned during the session:


1. Joe Rogan (and The Joe Rogan Experience)


2. Marc Maron (and WTF with Marc Maron)


3. Alex Blumberg (and Gimlet Media)


4. Sean Evans (The Hot Ones)



5. Serial


6. Go Hard Girls on Spotify


7. Conversations with Randy David on PumaPodcast's Spotify


And, of course, PumaPodcast

8. PumaPodcast on Spotify


Also, if anybody would like to get in touch with the Puma Podcast team, here are their details.

Mikkel Bolante

Chief Technology Officer, PumaPodcast


Tricia Aquino

Chief Content Officer, PumaPodcast

To download the full presentation, click here.


Happy podcasting!

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