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The New 5Cs of Working from Home

By Grace Sai


This global health, economic and often forgotten, psychological crisis has caused the world to come to a stand still, with nation-wide policies putting over three quarters of the world on stay-home notice. How do we not only survive this period and keep sane, but jump on what could be an opportunity to revisit the balance we have always wanted?

Here are 5-Cs that have helped us regain balance and maintain focus during these unstable times.


1. Chair - Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic chair

  • This may seem like a small detail, but having a good chair is like having a good bed. On average we spend over 3,000 hours sitting per year - and that’s without an international pandemic keeping us indoors - so getting it right is incredibly important. 

  • In Singapore alone, IKEA ran out of chairs right after the stay-home notice, or ‘circuit breaker’ announcement as folks scramble to secure their home office chairs. Companies like Castlery are jumping on this issue of setting up home offices, by offering a free 14-day trial of their furniture selection to help ease the pain of finding the right chair.

We realised the importance of good chairs at home after several Found8 members highlighted their strong preference for our chairs. Given the WFH arrangement, we decided to let members bring back their office chairs to their new “offices” at home. We’re flexible so long they treat these chairfully (Found8 uses Haworth and Okamura chairs in some locations).


2. Collections - Decluttering your home

As your home becomes your workplace, your third place and everything in between, take the chance to declutter and organise your home starting with these easy steps:

  • Find a theme to organise your collection of things: use the same hangers for your wardrobe, arrange your clothes or books by colour; Muji has some great customisable jewellery box compartments.

  • Start with one area of your home - perhaps your bedroom, or your study room, and allow your creative mind and heart to visualise the ideal setup. Lost as to where to start? Create a mood-board on Pinterest!

  • Use baskets and aesthetically pleasing boxes to store all miscellaneous items - as they say, "clutter is no more than postponed decisions", so set up your space to follow the mantra of "do it now then it's done". 

  • Keep items that ‘spark joy’ and discard those that do not, the Marie Kondo way. Don’t be afraid to discard, donate or sell pre-loved items on Carousell!


3. Countryside - Bring the outdoors in for urbanites

  • Set aside a little cash for plants (it can be anywhere from $10 onwards)! With nurseries or hipster plant shops providing fast online deliveries, you can bring a fresh look, and even more oxygen into your space easily.  Check out a list of nurseries here, or shops like Noah Garden Center, PottaPlantta, and Far East Flora!

  • Some supermarkets and wet markets also sell fresh, affordable plants - check out Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice the next time you're on your grocery run, or if you're nearby Tiong Bahru, their wet market has a huge range of exotic and beautiful plants.

  • If you have Google Home, Alexa with Spotify accounts, try playing background sounds of birds, rain, waterfall on loop if that suits you. It's actually proven to help calm and destress!

At Found8’s spaces, we try to use as many real plants where we can as possible. Although they do require some tender loving care for maintenance, our members draw comfort and inspiration from it and that is priceless! 


4. Communities - Connect with your communities creatively

  • Not every Zoom or Hangout session needs to be work. Our Community Leads have organised Netflix movie nights, trivia quizzes, team lunches daily, all on virtual space. We welcome all members to join them here!

  • Take a break every once in awhile and invite your friends to social interactive games.

  • Sign up for interactive and challenging Virtual Workout Sessions at gyms like Core Collective, to move your body and give it a well deserved stretch. 

In the past week, I myself have attended book launches and happy hours (complete with cocktails), reflection and meditation, workout sessions all online, and it is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and communities globally.


5. Control - For Managers and control freaks like me

  • Did you know that Zoom has the ability to measure the ‘attention rate’ for each person dialled in? You can use this feature during team meetings, webinars, team discussions to engage your team and their increasingly challenged attention span.

  • EngageRocket is offering a People Continuity Package, to help teams stay productive and engaged through this crisis. It is a free service, and you can look forward to receiving:

    i) Pulse surveys for tracking remote working effectiveness

    ii) Engage in anonymous chats to ensure psychological safety

    iii) Exchange ideas, feedback to improve overall team well-being

Applications end on 31 May 2020, so make sure to sign up for it while it lasts!


We hope these new 5Cs provide a fresh outlook in improving your workspaces at home and enhance your overall physical and psychological well being! Let’s all stay safe and support each other through hard times.

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