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Member Highlight: Chendol

Shawn Hu


Co-founder & CEO


Chendol is an assurance platform for smartphones that offers immediate and credible solutions to subscribers seeking coverage for their phones. Serving as a warranty through their app, Chendol aims to build a fairer phone economy that can benefit everyone by connecting consumers to reliable merchants for phone services.


Shawn, together with co-founder Yuxiang, came up with the ingenious idea of Chendol to resolve a common problem - the exorbitant high prices of phone repair services. To provide savvy smartphone users like themselves with a peace of mind, they invented the Chendol effect to protect everyone who treats their phone like a precious entity.


Check out interesting facts Shawn shared with Found8 below!



1. What about your work excites you?

To provide a reliable platform for people to buy, sell, repair and protect their smartphones today.


2. What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?

I am finally married to the love of my life - after 15 years (I'm 30 this year).


3. What topic(s) could you give a 20-minute presentation on without any preparation?

Topics on finance, insurance and banking I can do.


4. What are your interests or hobbies?

Experiencing human biases and understanding the psychology behind behavioural economics (selection biases, how people should make decisions in uncertainty).


5. Do you have a message for our community?

"Speak to me if you are planning on the next phone upgrade. I would love to share how much you could be overpaying for your smartphone."


We’re thankful to have Shawn reassuring us with his trusty smartphone warranty app! With Chendol, anyone can find out how to buy, sell, repair and protect your phone with verified merchants near you. You can always catch him at Found8 Amoy!



Some answers have been edited for clarity and/or length. 

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