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Member Highlight: Datature

Keechin Goh


Co-Founder & CEO


Datature is a platform for training and deploying machine learning models swiftly. From object detection models to performance analytics, they excel in converting your use case into application.


Keechin’s wealth of knowledge on AI and problem solving zeal is ever-growing with his passion in helping the startup industry. He has ideated and developed numerous innovative production ready solutions for MNCs and startups, using AI to solve industry pain points.


Check out interesting facts Keechin shared with Found8 below!


1. What about your work excites you?

To be working on different artificial intelligence projects with various corporate partners from differing industries does indeed spark joy - the dataset, problem statements and most importantly - the limitless possibilities of digitalization! Woohoo!


2. What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?

To be able to have zoom conferences and slack chats with my colleagues in the kitchen, where we share ideas while maintaining an arm's length distance from the fridge.


3. What topic(s) could you give a 20-minute presentation on without any preparation?

How video games are made - the math, psychology and design tricks that go behind some of your favourite titles!


4. What are your interests or hobbies?

Creating various Spotify playlists for the different occasions that might pop up - I'm pretty extensive.


5. Do you have a message for our community?

“I believe that everyone has valuable knowledge and viewpoints to share. If you ever have an idea on how artificial intelligence can be used to solve your industry/sector challenges, hit me up! I'm always picking up new jargons, learning about new problems and sharing some technical perspectives on it!”


Anytime we’re stuck on a problem, we can always find fresh insights from Keechin and his knowledge in the AI field. Connect with him online or at Found8 HSC and have a good chat over common interests like making Spotify playlists!



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