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Marketing Strategy Hacks You Must Know As A Startup


Without a doubt, the pioneer years for a startup is essentially the most crucial ones as it lays the foundation for future growth. If you recall, these B2B Strategies for Startup would have given you a glimpse of the competitive overview on what you should look out for.


But what are some other hacks should a startup like you be using? Glad you asked.


Here are five useful tips to help pilot your foundation right.



#1 Construct Your Pre-launch Email List


Thanks to the advancement of globalisation, there may be 101 channels to reach your intended audience. However, this is not an excuse to leave out the most fundamental and effective channel - Email Marketing.


According to Hubspot, 78% of marketers received a rise in email engagement over the last 12 months and a 760% growth in revenue for segmented campaigns. You can think of this channel as old but gold, as it has never failed to deliver good results.


So, start paying more attention to constructing your pre-launch Email List. Nothing beats having your own set of data to work with as you reach out to your intended audience and deliver effective messaging. Think of the other possibilities you can do with this, like creating hype for a product launch or even a giveaway contest for the holiday season.


#2 Identify Emerging Trends


We have witnessed how social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have evolved over the years, with the most recent being a fresh redesign update by LinkedIn. These platforms are definitely still upgrading as we speak, and we understand that it can also be a real hassle to learn new features or even re-learn specific old processes as it receives new updates along the way.


But have you ever thought about being the first to make it work in your favour? That is where identifying emerging trends come into play. Become “Product Leadership” in the realm of marketing.


When you identify emerging trends in their early stages, take advantage of it and create lucrative campaigns, make adjustments to your business plans, and let it take flight from there. You can expect to gain fast-tracked results by just keeping yourself in the loop on emerging trends.


Tip: Recently, Twitter released Fleets, a 24-hour media post function on their platform, and Instagram introduced it’s Shopping feature for users to discover new products. Catch up on these social media updates that have huge potential for growth. Perhaps you can be inspired and leverage on such ideas to fuel your business.


Image credit:


#3 Gamify Your Campaigns


Gamification is yet another commonly neglected marketing campaign that can boost brand awareness and create much traffic.


Humans are known to be competitive creatures by nature! Get creative by adding game elements such as a point system for your product or devise a leaderboard against users across the net. By creating this outlet, your startup is expected to see higher engagement numbers and it will become the talk of the town for good reason.


One of the most classic examples of using gamification on marketing campaigns is the M&M’s Eye-Spy Pretzel. The objective of the game was to spot the hidden pretzel in an image filled with M&M chocolates - as simple as that! This campaign alone sparked over 26,000 likes, 6200 shares, and 11,000 comments. Pretty impressive right?


Image: Gametize Academy


Another campaign closer to home was KFC’s Shrimp Attack. To encourage customers to try their new food menu items, KFC Japan took the dish theme and gamified it as a mobile game where users will have to swipe the shrimp before it hits the ground, just like the popular game that went viral - Fruit Ninja.


Users were rewarded with KFC vouchers. This garnered 195,628 unique players, a 91% completion rate, and 854,454 total plays (practically 4.4 average plays per person)!


#4 Create Sharable Materials


One of the important guidelines you should follow as a marketer in this day of age is to ensure that the content you put up on your socials are mobile-friendly, and definitely shareable.


Sharing has been made easier with call-to-action (CTA) buttons that can be found at the end of a post you read or right from the Instagram post you just viewed. When content material is shareable, there is a chance for it to go viral if the messaging is done right with your target audience.


Think of sharable materials like the modern-day version of word-of-mouth but done digitally.


#5 Feature Exclusive Content


We’re no stranger to crossover episodes on TV shows and our favourite US sitcoms. I can recall the episode where Jess from New Girl was in an episode of Brooklyn 99. It was funny, straightforward, and entertaining.


Now bring on board this strategy as your marketing hack.


Invite people that are relevant to your industry and can value-add content you create. They can be persons of a critical authority (KOL) or prominent statuses that you know your intended audience will appreciate. Have them featured on your blog post, do an Instagram (IGTV) takeover, or host an exclusive interview! This allows your audience to genuinely connect with your brand and it ensures quality content produced on your platforms.


Eventually, this connection can help increase organic growth on your website and social media accounts when users search for the key terms used on Google. For example, “Cocoon Capital and Found8 exclusive IG Takeover!”


Author Biography

Jessica is part of the Kaliber Content Team filled with bubbly and fun people who are passionate in creating content.


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