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The Best App to Achieve Your Self-Care Goals in 2020

Ever find yourself setting personal goals week after week and falling short?

Self-care articles, blogs and apps spouting tips and tricks on improving different aspects of your life are easily found, but few (especially free) platforms allow the level of personalisation required to stick with and fully achieve these goals.


In a recent release, Found8 member LiveMore's new free (and yes we mean 100% free) self development app takes one step beyond goal setting and tracking by proving a depository of expert opinions through detailed features, as well as a one-on-one chat service with said experts available to answer all your personal, business and holistic questions.


Who is LiveMore?

Found8 Singapore member, LiveMore's entire ethos is about people who believe in taking ownership of your life and living it to the best. The launch of their new LiveMore app provides expert knowledge, right to your phone to help achieve this goal. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, LiveMore's app allows for easy accessibility to expert advice at your fingertips.

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LiveMore App Features

LiveMore addresses three main challenges you may face whenever you seek personal development information and guidance to reach your life goals.


1. Where to find reliable guidelines and recommendations?

2. How to access this information without risking losing money?

3. How to stay in control of the whole change process?


The aim of this app is to help you reflect on your current situation, increase your knowledge and implement positive changes into your life. 


The app features eight categories of life changing topics:

  • Achievements
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Health (mental and physical)
  • Learning
  • Leisure
  • Purpose
  • Relationships

You can create your own personalised journey by selecting content that suits your needs and mode of learning. Short reads, videos, podcasts, and even quizzes are used to help you engage with the material, no matter your preferred learning style.


Not to mention, personal consultation with experts in private and confidential chat messages are also available to answer all questions.



Kick-off your best life

Save yourself from the overload of different organisational apps on your phone and download your one-stop solution. Capitalise on all kinds of information provided on LiveMore’s app, sourced globally from qualified experts in their respective fields. Not only does it serve as a reminder for any resolutions or plans set, LiveMore’s quality content drives and motivates people to act on their desired goals for a better life.


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Much like the partnership between Found8 and LiveMore, we encourage individuals to improve themselves with a growth mindset, and live your best life while doing so. With the guidance of experts from all over the world, begin your self development journey and enhance your quality of life!

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