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Highlights from INK ASIA 2015

As we eagerly look forward to putting on our 2nd INK Asia conference on 19-20 May in Singapore, we've taken a few minutes to enjoy some videos from last year's inaugural event. Have a look, and scroll down to learn more about the speakers we have in store for you this year.

[image: Marco Tempest at INK Asia 2015]

Marco Tempest: A magic show like you've never seen

In this multi-act performance, cyber illusionist Marco Tempest uses augmented reality—along with his copious creativity and talent—to bring a high-tech twist to a magic show. You’ll never look at a deck of cards the same way again! Between acts, Marco reflects on the striking similarity between yesterday’s magic and today’s technological realities, and thus asserts that magicians “prototype the future”. This video, recorded at INK Asia in Singapore, will enchant the young and the young at heart. Watch now>>
[image: Melissa Kwee at INK Asia 2015]

Melissa Kwee: Fueling Singapore's giving spirit

A daughter of modern Singapore, Melissa Kwee takes pains to stay conscious of the city-state’s hardscrabble past; in fact, the struggles of previous generations serve as motivation for her work today as CEO of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre. In this eloquent talk, Melissa balances her pride in how far her country has come with her concern for the needs that still exist in Singapore, sometimes just out of sight. With contagious optimism and strategic ideas, Melissa lays out a vision for an emerging culture of volunteerism and charitable giving. Watch now>>
[image: Parag Khanna at INKAsia 2015]

Parag Khanna: Exploring Singapore's success

In this thought-provoking conversation with Lakshmi Pratury, international relations expert Parag Khanna tells us why Singapore is one of the post-colonial countries that has truly excelled in terms of development, resource management, and business. Parag explains key ways in which Singapore stands out: for example, with technological innovations and financial developments that have a strong focus on self-sustainability, as well as with an approach to diplomacy that positions the city-state as a 'peaceful regional leader' in Asia. With convincing illustrations, Parag demonstrates that the Singaporean model is one worthy of respect and admiration. Watch now>>
[image: Venkatesh Byrappa at INK2015]

The countdown to INK Asia begins!

Just two weeks to go! We're putting the finishing touches on our plans for INK Asia, to be held on 19-20 May at the Singapore Shangri-La Hotel. Rick Smolan will be screening his creation, The Human Face of Big Data; Brock Pierce will be offering a glimpse of a new financial world with his discussion of Bitcoin and the Blockchain; and Gingger Shankar will be wowing audiences with the rarest of all instruments, her double violin. They'll be sharing the stage with an illustrious lineup of speakersthat includes include Nobel-winning biologist Sydney Brenner, wildlife conservationist Steve Boyes, genomics entrepreneur Anuradha Acharya, cybersecurity expert Jonathan Reiber, rooftop farming pioneer Allan Lim, inventor and Y Combinator Director Luke Iseman, molecular engineer Shawn Hoon and many, many more.
Join the experience for just S$299! Register today>>



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