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How COVID-19 Kicked Found8 Into Their Best Innovation Yet


This is part of Found8's "Going Virtual" series, where we introduce our new Virtual Office products aimed at easing COVID-19 pressures faced by the innovation community.



For years, the virtual and physical offerings of coworking spaces has remained generally unchanged, and Found8 admittedly was no better. Virtual memberships provided a registered business address, mail handling, some access to meeting rooms and phone answering. A basic, but mostly accepted service based on the needs of most coworking users.


So why did it take this long to figure out what our virtual offering should include?


Found8 has always put connection, growth and support above all else as a coworking provider and innovation community leader. The current global crisis has brought about a watershed moment in realising our potential to create more sophisticated amenities, address gaps and improve existing services to equip the coworking community with. When we had to close our spaces temporarily as a result of  COVID-19, we faced a struggle in how do we continue to strengthen and foster connections without physical interactions?


What resulted was more than just making sure our members felt connected. When we went online, our no.1 priority was to keep the promise we made to our members - provide an ecosystem of connections. The result? A suite of offerings that not only allowed our members to connect like they would in the Found8 space, but allowed us to found ways to provide more engaging events, e-networking opportunities and virtual check-ins to all. 


The foundation of our Virtual Office memberships evolved from feedback, experience and real usage of these very platforms, initiatives and products launched during the peak of COVID-19. 


As of Monday 11th, we've launched the Found8 Virtual Office Memberships, and we plan on bringing the experience we've brought to our Found8 members over the last 1 month or so to the greater innovation community, digital nomads, and WFH experts to support, connect and create growth opportunities for them.


In this very first of the Found8 Virtual Office Series Part 1, we examine the reasons behind why coworking companies are going virtual with our community, points we had to consider during the development of the products, and a peek into what's in store for you. 


Concerns with how COVID-19 can make remote work permanent, or the possibilities of virtual work life becoming a new reality, is a mental alarm that will not shut off. It’s safe to assume nobody holds the answer to what will become of our future. Perhaps even physical office spaces would be a selling point when virtual offices become the norm.


No matter what coworking may mean to people hereafter, Found8 persists on and isn’t afraid to be the game changer in the coworking community. To survive, Found8 brings our core values to life while introducing a new virtual office.


From having brainstorming sessions and follow-up meetings at least four times a week with a team of 10 to constructing seamless backend operations and troubleshooting any possible problem that may arise, every member of Found8 was on the ball. One of Found8's key values is Unity in Diversity,  which enabled a smooth workflow and effectively accomplished weekly goals.


We've aimed to live by what we preach by approaching the problem with innovation in the act in revamping both virtual and physical offices (stay tuned!), making it more flexible and catering to all coworking needs by the time lockdown abates. 


If you…

  • Don’t need a permanent office, we have day passes for meeting rooms, hot-desks, and team rooms available

  • Need help with broadening your digital network or lack employee structure and motivation, we’ve got an enthusiastic virtual community ready to chat

  • Feel lost and don’t know where to begin organising digital events, we’ve got an Events, Corporate Innovation, and Member Success team equipped with skills and connections to help set you up

On those days when you don’t feel like leaving the house, Found8 has you covered.


On those days when you’re busy and on the go, Found8 has got you covered.


Find out more information on the new virtual office package here


Look out for Part 2 of Found8 Virtual Office Series where we answer - what's in it for you?



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