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Found8’s New Virtual Office Memberships Provides Innovative Solutions to COVID-19 and WFH


SINGAPORE, 11 May 2020 - Local coworking player and innovation community builder, Found8 has launched a suite of new Virtual Office memberships in response to the limitations caused by COVID-19 to connect and support the startup and innovation community.


Their new Virtual Office memberships offer useful features for the needs of various players in the innovation community in competitively priced bundles, with the primary goal of providing seamless access to connections, business growth and support. Starting from SGD $99 / MYR 199, the memberships cater to an array of needs and business types, to support the success of individuals, teams, or entire companies.


The remodelling of their Virtual Office memberships comprises a number of different features that aim to solve pain-points from the innovation community during what is looking more and more like a complete change of the employment landscape.


As part of the memberships, Found8 gives access to their first digital communications platform via Slack, allowing members across borders to connect, share resources, and build networks of opportunities digitally. Traditionally the Found8 Members Success team ran mostly in-person check-ins to understand more about members’ needs, explore potential intros, and investment opportunities. This offer is now a crucial part of the Found8 Virtual Office memberships, available via digital video conferencing. Besides these two key components, the Virtual Office memberships give members access to curated online events, remote team productivity support, exclusive perks and discounts from partners like Google, AWS, Hubspot and more.


“We all know that work as we know it will be redefined. The need for human connection and a sense of community will, however, be stronger than ever,” said Grace Sai, co-founder and CEO of Found8. “Found8’s new innovative and flexible Virtual memberships offer the harmony of safe-working with belonging to a community and continuous personal and professional growth programs.”


In addition to their efforts to provide solutions to the innovation community, Found8 has also introduced one of the longest and largest membership reliefs in Singapore and continues to support the community with a free Resource Pack to assist individuals and businesses during this crisis.


Found8’s Virtual Office memberships include the Freelancer package from SGD $99 / MYR 199 per month, the Startup package from SGD $149 / MYR 249 per month and the Corporate package from SGD $199 / MYR 299 per month. Learn more about the memberships here at



About Found8

Found8 is over 1000 members strong across KL and Singapore. It is the leading innovation co-working space provider and community in Singapore and KL that enables their game-changing members to collaborate and grow by providing the right network, knowledge, and environment.


Their six (6) locations in central business districts in KL and Singapore includes Amoy Street, Orchard, Tanjong Pagar, Prinsep and High Street Centre and in the heart of KL at KL Sentral makes them one of the widest spread Singaporean coworking players on the market. Found8’s goal is to support the development and creation of innovative companies of all sizes.


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