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The Virtual Office You Never Knew You Needed


As part of Found8's "Going Virtual" series, we give you a sneak peek into our new Virtual Office products, developed during COVID-19 in order to support businesses and relieve pressures felt by the innovation community during these challenging times.

We're here to break down what is included in our Virtual Office memberships, and how your business can use it to grow.


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With features and components for every individual within the VO packages (explore the Corporate, Startup, and Freelancer Virtual Office packages here), we focused the core of our product on bringing our tight-knit community that sets us apart from the rest into the digital world.


Unlimited Access to Curated Online Events


What’s the greatest difference between webinars you find online and the ones we invite you to?


From the vast amount of online talks available, we curate them according to your specific needs and categories. Over the last few months alone, we've curated events featuring startup founders for other founders to develop deeper relativity, leaders in industries to learn from other leaders in similar ares, and developed our own curated networking sessions. By gaining access to webinars hosted by our internal members and external partners, you can find inspiration and solutions relevant to your business.


Since the Circuit Breaker and WFH orders, we’ve gathered plenty of webinars on key topics like business continuity, sales and marketing for B2B, bringing your business online and so forth. Sessions like Corporate Innovation in the Time of COVID-19 hosted by 500 Startups, Keeping Startups Engaged in the Community by GFS partners, Ecosystem Support Seminar by ACE & ESG were extremely insightful discussions that involved the opinions of leaders globally on a crisis that has affected everyone. Our most recent collaboration with member XNode on Breaking Out of the Outbreak: Lessons from Shanghai explored how China regained their footing when they reopened cities and businesses.




The curation of our events through the Community and Member Success team has resulted in a depository of powerful and insightful events, which we want you to experience as well.


Access to F8 Online

Having a private Found8 Slack Workspace bridges the physical gap by connecting you with over 800 international members, making it one of the most useful and collaborative components of our virtual office. With a network leading change for most, if not all business development, growth among networks is being stunted whilst everyone is WFH.


With over 10 internal employees managing and adding to our Found8 Slack Workspace, the platform is your go-to for networking on a member, social, and business level.

  • Members – exclusive members-only social and business networking events

  • Social – interactive get-to-know each other events, Member Highlights, and exclusive Member Features on our Knowledge Blog

  • Business – monthly tribe meet-ups, networking events like speed-dating sessions, partnerships and collaborations

As we speak to our members, one thing many have in common is their difficulties in keeping regular and consistent communication channels open with their team and their clients. Not to mention, Zoom fatigues and WFH burnout being very real and important things that managers and employees need to be aware of.  With the focus on community being at the core of everything we do in our Virtual Office, our goal is to give you and your team the help and connection you need to maintain productivity and positivity.


Exclusive Discount for Meeting Room + Event Space Bookings

All our packages come with up to 15% off bookings because we understand that just because you're virtual doesn't mean you can't meet and connect with people face-to-face, and what better place to do it than your community provider and leading innovation hub Found8.


Our Found8 Events team links people from various innovative industries to collaborate on workshops, events, and host interesting talks in our spaces. One of our members,What’s Your Story Huh (WYSH) ran aThink Fast Talk Smart workshop before the CB/MCO earlier this year where members learned the foundations of effective and powerful communications for life and business from a professional storyteller.


Lifestyle Perks & Benefits

Access to the Found8 discounts from over 80 partners across health & wellness, travel, F&B etc opens up room in your life and work for the ultimate work-life balance. In an age where self-care reigns supreme, doing your best means taking care of yourself so you can be better tomorrow. As part of a huge innovation community, bringing our community online allowed us to overcome physical barriers and encouraged our members to freely share resources.


Heard about Grain x KOI during the Circuit Breaker? Get a special discount code by signing up as a Found8 member!




At Found8, we believe in building supportive environments that foster innovation, advance communities and accelerate growth. With our people as our core asset, the individuals that make up this community is the essential binding force.


To learn more about how Found8 provided support to members, startups and businesses during this challenging period, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get articles  from our Knowledge Blog straight to your inbox. We're supporting the community during this COVID-19 crisis, and  have put together a public Resource Pack to share important resources and discounts. All of our new virtual and physical products have been made available to our network as of May 2020. 


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