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Does The Key To Effective WFH Habits Lie In The Right Tools?


For many, before the COVID-19  outbreak, working from home was something you've only heard from your friends who either worked for a startup, a progressive corporate or somewhere in between that supported remote work.


As part of Found8's "Going Virtual" series, we give you a sneak peek into our new Virtual Office products, developed during COVID-19 in order to support businesses and relieve pressures felt by the innovation community during these challenging times.





In the first of our Virtual Office blog series, we explored the story behind how Found8, a key leader in the innovation community of Singapore and KL, built an upgraded virtual office product to support different business types and individuals to better equip them during the COVID-19 period.


In this second segment, we take you further into our upgraded features and show you how to fix remote working problems you’ve probably found yourself inconvenienced with in the last two months.


The significance of our brand-new Virtual Office membership is to innovate more flexible, virtual offerings as work practices evolve, that also helps ease the difficulties businesses face during a pertinent crisis like COVID-19. Not only do we seek to ensure the safety of members in our spaces, we aim to increase a sense of belonging in our community, all with the intentions for Found8 and our members to flourish in the long-run.

So what’s the hype with our new Virtual Office membership, you may ask?


The different Virtual Office packages – Corporate, Startup, and Freelancer/Investor addresses the pain points of COVID-19 work restrictions, providing solutions to the complications faced by businesses and entrepreneurs alike.


Whether you’re looking to solve your headaches of remote working or looking for ways to help your business, I believe you will find this article helpful.


Remote Team Productivity Support

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is attempting to maintain a smooth workflow by overseeing every aspect, but this often translates into micro-managing or burnout. In order to take care of the business in its entirety, make use of tools that support your operations system from anywhere you are, with speed and minimal hard labour.


Google, Unilever, and Cocoon Capital are just a few big names that are known to use remote working tools to accelerate their business tech systems. At Found8, we want to help members increase work efficiency by utilising advanced tools from our partners Google, HubSpot, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Osome and more.


1. Communication for better collaboration is key.Cloud credits provided by our partners Google For Startups (GFS) and AWS can be used for any computing services on their specific platform such as compute power, database storage, data analysis and other functions to help businesses scale and grow. For example, credits are given when signing up as a member which provides accelerated access to Google Cloud resources that can help form the backbone of your technology stack.


2. Behind every business, there should be a strong operations system running. Found8’s partner Osome provides affordable, seamless online incorporation, secretary and accounting services. Using AI-tech and smart bots to automate the backend works, companies worldwide have approved of the increased efficiency in business handling, which led Osome to expand into markets abroad like Hong Kong, UK, India and more.


3. As part of our new Virtual Office and (soon to come) Flexible Coworking products, Found8 also took into consideration of your human resources (HR) needs. We partnered up with BrioHR to deliver a simplified HR management software to manage recruitment, on-boarding, employee performance and everything HR related. Well-loved by companies globally, BrioHR digitises and automates HR processes for speed and accuracy, allowing both our Singapore and KL members to easily synchronise their internal HR matters at a productive rate.



Members Success Check-ins

Our people are our assets. We recognise how Found8’s enthusiastic Member Success (MS) team form the backbone of our organisation’s social strategy. If you've ever worked with them, then you know they put in their 120% efforts in learning more about members’ needs and foster daily interactions with the community. The MS team is your perfect source to get introduced to potential clients, investors and partners to expand your network.


1. As a partner of GFS, members of Found8 can leverage on gaining access to exclusive partner and closed-door industry networking events. This includes being nominated for Google Demo Day, an intimate event for accredited and active investors to mingle with startup founders; nominations for Founder Gym x GFS scholarship, to learn from the best trainers in the startup ecosystem and join a community of excellent founders from around the world.



Read all about our past nominees – Sherlyn from Carer and Vivien from VK Transformation and their amazing experience here


2. Our MS team can help generate ideas and expand your idea development. Having interacted with all kinds of innovative members in the Found8 space such as tech founders, storytellers, accelerator runners and more, our team definitely draws inspiration from all these innovators. As such, they are the best people to help build on and expand your idea, bouncing off various suggestions like organising virtual events, co-hosting workshops, or running a campaign. Most importantly, we connect you to a broader pool of network so that you can tap on industry partners and be acquainted with the most relevant contacts.


3. Be seen, be heard, and be connected. Members have voiced in unison how having a MS team is a precious resource. Personal recounts include George from FAIĀ, who expressed appreciation for getting connected to a suitable associate (Core Collective) through Jamie, and being welcomed by our warm Community Executives helped him settle comfortably within the community. Especially amid this COVID-19 period, the Singapore government is striving to maintain its gold standard response while communities have stepped up to help the weaker population. Found8 has also collated a Resource Pack for members and has been actively gathering feedback and updates on members’ situation.

At Found8, we believe in building supportive environments that foster innovation, advance communities and accelerate growth. With our people as our core asset, the individuals that make up this community is the essential binding force.


To learn more about how Found8 provided support to members, startups and businesses during this challenging period, read them on our Knowledge Blog. We have started rolling out our new virtual office and coworking products and will be available to all businesses even after the COVID-19 crisis.


If you’re a startup entrepreneur, freelancer, or corporate company, click here to find out more about working with us. 


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