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Digital Demo Day


Last week, Found8 and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) held their first-ever Digital Demo Day for the inaugural cohort of the Singapore Tourism Accelerator (STA).


In response to the COVID-19 turmoil and efforts to maintain social distancing and responsibility, the Corporate Innovation (CI) team led by Found8 co-founder Grace Sai moved the operations of a physical Demo Day online in the short span of a week.



Breaking it down...


140+ people joined the Digital Demo Day, along with over 45 VC Funds from around the world. The Cohort consisted of companies from varying industries, namely within the areas of sustainability, AI & Robotics in F&B and hotels, data management and analytics for all verticals in this diverse industry. The shared vision of the STA is to create new business opportunities and transform the tourism sector, through grooming global start-ups with new technologies to be developed and piloted in Singapore.


With aims to accelerate the growth of their companies and strengthen their network, there were more than 160 applicants from 27 countries, and a final 8 companies were selected to pilot with key players in the industry. Alongside Found8’s experienced CI team who mentored and delivered workshops, startup founders were able to smoothly pitch their ideas with an ambitious heart. Grace, our head of CI, also said that


they appear to be some of the most promising startups I have come across”.

(can you spot our Tanjong Pagar Found8 location in the background..?)


Regarding the transition to host a Digital Demo Day for the first time, Found8’s CI team worked tirelessly to compare different webinar interactive platforms (eventually settling on Zoom), backed by a full IT and Events team, and carried out multiple rounds of rehearsals to ensure all users had an first-rate experience.


With concerns about the current economic slowdown, Singapore is looking at the positive side of things by taking this opportunity to encourage corporations and individuals to enhance their skills and go digital. As mentioned by the Executive Director of Digital Transformations, Chi Chuan Poh, at STB,


“now is the opportune time for the industry to innovate and gear up to come back even stronger than before”.


The journeys that the Cohort startups will take is highly anticipated as they begin to scale-up, expand their teams, and set greater goals. We thank everyone who contributed to the STA Digital Demo Day and moving forward, we strive to connect and grow with companies of all sizes in the innovation ecosystem.


If you have what it takes to be a part of our next Cohort, make sure to connect with us and apply! You can find out more information here.


The list of our Cohort 1 graduates


Bakuun: A London, UK-based innovative platform for the reservation of mass accommodation on dynamic rates in case of a flight delay or cancellation all over the world. The platform enables airlines and hotels alike.

Delight Labs: A Hong Kong, China-based provider of AI voice assistant solutions that empowers businesses to create multilingual content and services.

EATLAB: A Bangkok, Thailand-based data analytic platform that equips restaurants with the capability to optimize for profits and revenue.

FirstHive: A Bangalore, India-based Customer Data Platform that builds Unique Customer Identities by aggregating data from across all sources of customer interactions and customer transactions.

Infinito: Headquartered in Singapore, Infinito’s IVI is a virtual revenue management assistant that helps to optimise hotel pricing to maximise revenues.

Lumitics: Headquartered in Singapore, Lumitics provides a smart dustbin solution that uses sensors and image recognition technology to seamlessly measure, track and identify all food waste so as to minimise waste and cost.

Plattar: A Melbourne, Australia-based cloud-based platform that allows brands, publishers and agencies to create, manage and distribute Augmented Reality content.

Xperium: Gurgaon, India-based, Xperium CRM and Guest Engagement Suite by RepUp leverages AI to deliver powerful analytics and automation that drive revenue, increase guest satisfaction and streamline operations for hospitality businesses.

Found8 enables you to grow your business by connecting you to wide-ranging expert advice and best practices from the Google network, and introducing startups to VCs. If you’re a startup entrepreneur, freelancer, or corporate company, click here to find out more about working with us. 


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