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Why Coworking Spaces are Your Next Stop for Collaboration


By now, if you haven’t heard of or tried out coworking spaces, you’re truly missing out!


Coworking spaces are vibrant workspaces that allow members to work or collaborate in a shared environment with shared amenities and resources. 


They are often popular amongst startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and other self-employed individuals.


People who work in coworking spaces experience higher levels of inspiration, well-being, and commitment to their jobs as compared to those who don't.


How It All Began


The concept of coworking has been around for sometime now. While people find new companies to collaborate with through coworking today, the idea flourished during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century. At that time architects, engineers, scientists, and artists got together to build and create. As a result, just like today, the activity inspired more productivity and sparked new ideas.


People haven't changed much in terms of obtaining new ideas, cooperating, and communicating throughout the years. An atmosphere that encourages and facilitates cross-professional contact is a catalyst for progress.


Find the Right Support & Advice


When professionals work in a coworking space, they have the opportunity to learn from individuals from different but supporting work backgrounds. For example, a writer may get confused when adding content on WordPress and ask for help from a developer. In this case, the developer can assist the writer with the technical details for uploading the content on the platform.


As a member, you may also obtain help from professionals in your same line of work. The more you talk, the greater the opportunity to learn from each other. Your knowledge and expertise may also be of great value to others. 


Become Part of a Diverse Network


On any given day, you can find yourself in an environment of professionals from  varying backgrounds. This allows you to engage with a diverse network of people who inspire new ideas and give you the motivation to work more productively.


For example, fresh perspectives from other professionals can help you formulate solutions you may have previously overlooked. By working with other experts, you are exposed to more opportunities for career satisfaction and growth.


Those who work for the same company but do so from home or on the road would find coworking spaces to be an attractive choice as well. In a coworking space, employees can function as an office team without incurring a substantial cost in overhead.


Make Work More Meaningful


Coworkers have shared that they feel an increased sense of meaning and purpose when working out of a coworking space as compared to working out of a traditional office or alone remotely. 


This is mainly due to the manner in which the tasks are performed, the environment and atmosphere. Because coworking spaces have an open environment for growth and communication, there are less physical hierarchies in a coworking space, thus allowing for less competitiveness and more chances to foster professional friendships and better communication.


The casual and collaborative atmosphere makes coworkers feel at ease to approach others to network or befriend. As a result, the working experience becomes more meaningful and educational.


Ease of Access and Increased Flexibility


Individuals or teams in a coworking space can decide how much time they need to spend at a site and arrange their finances accordingly. Whether they have a lengthy project or just need a meeting room for weekly discussions, they’re able to find what fits them and work flexibly.


If you wish to have discussions or chats, there are collaboration booths and lounge spaces available. If you decide to work in space for only thrice a week? It’s possible! Everything’s up to you.


Coworkers in these spaces who value working on their own like how this type of structure adds to the quality of their professional life. This type of flexibility encourages them to be more productive and disciplined while remaining relaxed and more challenged.


Be a Part of the Community


Rather than a workplace, each coworking space itself can be a community, providing a sense of belonging for each member who identifies and fits in with the space. The coworking community culture plays a big part in how welcoming and charming it can be. 


Introductions and connections are made easier in coworking spaces. As an added bonus, a large number of venues make it possible to expand your professional network.


Due to the rapid growth of coworking spaces, most of them promote a positive work area or provide a specific service, such as catering to creatives, working mums, or startups. Ideas and concepts are generated and new connections and collaborations are made frequently. When this happens, you can achieve personal and professional growth.


Essential Benefits of a Coworking Space


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a remote worker or freelancer, you will find the flexible options as alluring as it is practical. 


Being able to book meeting rooms on the go whenever you need is a great advantage, as well as choosing the days to work in the office according to your own schedule. The way of work has evolved to tailor to your needs as your business grows. 


Being part of a coworking space will elevate your spirits just as much as it helps you accomplish your milestones and goals.

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This article was contributed by Brandon Schwin. Schwin has been involved with creating and managing coworking spaces for the past twelve years. He now wants to share his experience and knowledge with others.

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