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Best Telegram Channels for the Business & Startup Community


If you’re not on Telegram or haven’t heard of this amazing online messaging app, you’re missing out!


Telegram is a popular multi-platform messaging app that’s widely used by this generation’s millennials and gen-Zs. It’s practical, fun, and has more features than mere communication, giving rise to a diverse pool of communities. 


With multiple versions of the app available for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux, it’s easily accessible on a variety of devices no matter what you use. As long as you’re connected to WiFi or your mobile data, you can communicate through Telegram anywhere, even from a web browser.


Telegram’s most prominent feature is security, where it pays a great deal of attention to privacy. Users feel reassured with encrypted messaging and secret chat functions, where messages can self-destruct and leave no trail. 


Aside from secret chats, there’s tons of features available on Telegram such as sticker packs, groups, channels, and bots. Having 550 million monthly active users, it serves as a great platform for businesses to connect and reach out to audiences.


From news, investments, lifestyle categories to even job searches and housing (BTO) discussions, it’s incredible to find all sorts of information shared on Telegram.


As for business resources and the startup community, we’ve compiled this list of credible Telegram channels (and a few bonus groups) you should definitely be a part of!



1. Found8

Of course, what better way to start off this list than by introducing Found8’s official Telegram channel? You’ll find our latest promotions, business contents, insights, events and more, specially curated for the startup, entrepreneur, and corporate community.





2. The Business Times

As Singapore’s only financial daily news publication, you’ll not want to miss out on the important news happening in Singapore and around the world that could impact your business.


3. Bloomberg

For global news, look to Bloomberg, a verified channel on Telegram. That goes to show its trustworthiness with a reputation and almost 100k subscribers. Get access to big stories and news summaries at the tip of your fingers.


4. e27co

e27co is well-known to be the go-to place for all Southeast Asia tech startup news. It features the latest startup scene news, in-depth articles, tech events, and job posting. 


5. StarterFeed

This channel shares three starters each week from Singapore and Southeast Asia, where you can stay updated on how people are putting ideas into action. Find topics surrounding technology, sustainability, career development, LGBTQ+, entrepreneurship and more. 


6. Startup Ideas

This channel is literally as the name suggests. You can find posts about curated app ideas for software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses that have a comment section open for discussions. If you’re looking for business inspiration or people to bounce off ideas, join Startup ideas.



Shoutout to our member, DollarsAndSense!  The DollarsAndSense channel shares personal finance content, interactive polls, and contests. Their content is aimed at helping readers be financially literate and work towards their journey of financial knowledge and freedom.


8. Seedly Personal Finance SG

Join the ever-growing Seedly Personal Finance community as they share bite-sized financial news and content from their website frequently. Users can catch-up on the latest finance related articles or news of interest.


9. Rescale Lab Startup Community (group)


If you’re a startup, you’ll want to join this channel. Rescale Lab created this platform for tech entrepreneurs, startups, and aspiring founders to connect, share resources and match like-minded investors to founders. 


10. The Up-Round (group)


The UpRound is a learning community where members discuss startup news, trends, latest technologies and innovations, exciting ecosystem events and more. Lots of startup support and resources found here.



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