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Laura Allen

Laura Allen

Co-Founder at Gone Adventurin’, a social business which provides an all in one service to integrate sustainability and positive social impact into a profitable and core part of businesses/brands. Through our Impact Adventures, Gone Adventurin' is enabling the biggest brands to #DiscoverPurpose. Before Gone Adventurin', worked for corporations, family businesses and NGOs in various industries and roles across APAC. Grew up on a farm in rural Australia instilling a love for the outdoors, the environment and adventure. University years and AIESEC laid the foundation for an ever-growing interest in creating multi-sector collaboration to tackle our world’s most pressing challenges and the power of authentic experiences to inspire change. In 2011 swapped corporate life for two wheels and rode 5,000kms across North America and Asia Pacific. Provided the inspiration to join Gone Adventurin’ to make adventure and positive change for society a part of daily life! Firm believer that sustainability is the best strategy for businesses and brands to solve social and environmental challenges and maximise their revenue, profits and standing within society. Outside of the world of social business, has a keen interest in rock climbing, cycling, environmental conservation movements and innovative businesses.

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