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Justin Hall

Justin Hall

Justin Hall is a Principal at Golden Gate Ventures. He is a scholar from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, having specialised in entrepreneurship policy, and graduated with Honours at Trinity College Dublin in History and Political Science. In addition to his responsibilities at Golden Gate Ventures, Justin has organized a number of community building events, including,, and Before Golden Gate Ventures, Justin was previously an Account Manager for Rakuten LinkShare Corporation, based in New York, and managed online e-commerce sales for prominent web-based retailers and service providers. Justin is a New York transplant and fitness fanatic, as well as a huge fan of Chicken Rice and kopi gau.

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Posts by Justin Hall

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Startup Fundraising: When Do I Raise Funding?

By | on 10, May 2016 |   Start Up 101 Funding & Investors

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Is It Ever Okay To "Cold Call" Investors?

By | on 21, Mar 2016 |   Funding & Investors

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Startup Fundraising: Equity or Debt?

By | on 26, Nov 2015 |   Start Up 101 Funding & Investors

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Intimidated By Tech? Try Outsourcing!

By | on 07, Oct 2015 |   Start Up 101

You have an idea for the next billion dollar mobile app. You've come to Found., and you're ready to make it happen. Your mind is dreaming about that amazing new website you’ve planned. You fantasise a[...]

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