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Gladwys Khoo - Found8 Content Expert

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Posts by Gladwys Khoo - Found8 Content Expert

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: 4 Ways Michelle Yong Groomed Herself to Balance Life & Work

By | on 21, Apr 2021 |   Team & Culture

    Content in this article is based on the Cut the BS podcast by Found8, episode 1: Michelle Yong –  A wife, a mom, a serial entrepreneur, and our boss. 

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5 Design Tools & Resources to Help You Create Social Media Visuals That Stand Out

By | on 16, Apr 2021 |   Sales & Marketing


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5 Tips To Writing Catchy & Clickable Blog Article Titles That Drive Traffic

By | on 22, Mar 2021 |   Sales & Marketing


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How To Choose A Coworking Space Fit For You

By | on 19, Feb 2021 |   Start Up 101


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7 Types of Logos that can Make Your Business Brand Memorable

By | on 05, Feb 2021 |   Sales & Marketing


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3 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Startups Build A Strong Branding

By | on 22, Jan 2021 |   Start Up 101 Sales & Marketing


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5 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Startup Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

By | on 04, Jan 2021 |   Start Up 101

  Although mistakes are only natural in the entrepreneurial journey and should be embraced as learning opportunities, leveraging from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes can help you improve and accelerate [...]

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The Master Plan for Constant Business Growth

By | on 24, Nov 2020 |   Start Up 101

  Whether you’re starting a new business or reviewing your existing one, the crucial thing all businesses need is a solid plan, a written roadmap for the big picture – achieving consistent, healthy gr[...]

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How to Write Great Event Descriptions That'll Boost Attendance

By | on 16, Nov 2020 |   Sales & Marketing

  You’ve put lots of time and thought into coming up with a unique and valuable event experience for your customers, and now it’s time to get people hyped up for it.   Keep in mind that writing a powe[...]

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