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Gladwys Khoo

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Singapore’s Startup Landscape: Why Found A Startup Here?

By | on 15, Sep 2020 |   Start Up 101

  The story of how the world’s most influential companies in the 21st century were born in a garage never gets old. Not only have you heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s conflict with the Winklevoss twins over[...]

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7 Essential Tips To Building A Successful Pitch Deck from Industry Experts

By | on 19, Aug 2020 |   Start Up 101 Funding & Investors

  At the start of the coronavirus outbreak, economies were seen crashing down and the VC investment landscape was not spared from the uncertainties that dampened investor sentiments. VC funding global[...]

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Signs You're Experiencing Burnout and How to Get Past It

By | on 29, Jul 2020 |   Team & Culture

  It’s official - there’s only five months left of 2020…   We applaud all the business owners, employees and freelancers (not to mention people like yourself) that have been holding it together all th[...]

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Answered: Can You Build a Startup Without Technical Experience?

By | on 17, Jul 2020 |   Start Up 101 All


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Opportunity or Disaster? Dealing with Changing Consumer Behaviour Post COVID-19

By | on 01, Jul 2020 |   Sales & Marketing Going Virtual


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8 Ways To Do a Digital Detox This Month

By | on 10, Jun 2020 |

Technological fatigue has become very real, especially for all of us experiencing a cataclysmic 2020. The coronavirus pandemic brings to attention how important it is to make sure your physical and me[...]

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Remote Working Setups: We Ask 7 Companies "What Is The New Normal?"

By | on 03, Jun 2020 |   Team & Culture

  Lockdowns have lifted in most countries, like the Circuit Breaker in Singapore and MCO in Malaysia, but businesses, office spaces and coworking spaces can already see, what was will never be again.

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The Virtual Office You Never Knew You Needed

By | on 27, May 2020 |   Going Virtual

As part of Found8's "Going Virtual" series, we give you a sneak peek into our new Virtual Office products, developed during COVID-19 in order to support businesses and relieve pressures felt by the in[...]

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Does The Key To Effective WFH Habits Lie In The Right Tools?

By | on 21, May 2020 |   Going Virtual

For many, before the COVID-19  outbreak, working from home was something you've only heard from your friends who either worked for a startup, a progressive corporate or somewhere in between that suppo[...]


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