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5 Ways Coworking Spaces Can Help Solve Your BCP Problems


With the recent declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) that COVID-19 is now a pandemic ( in layman's term, there is a widespread community transmission of a new disease), the entire world has officially been thrown into a crisis. Government bodies are working to contain and prevent the spread of disease, business corporations are implementing strict protocols, and people are scrambling for plan Bs whilst preparing for the worst.


Across the world, industries of all types have been hit badly and are facing plunging sales. Although communal spaces are being avoided by individuals, coworking providers, especially those who boast multiple locations, provide a solution for housing teams that would previously be working from home.

Watch here on how Coworking Spaces like Found8 are dealing with the COVID-19 situation.



Here are 5 reasons why team rooms in coworking spaces might be your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) solution.


1) The BCP Compliant Multiple Office Locations


For many structured firms activating work-from-home (WFH) mode and segregating company workers into separate teams, private offices within coworking spaces are increasingly seen to be a perfect solution. It’s not too surprising that this is occurring, due to their universally convenient locations, beautiful spaces well-equipped with amenities, and multiple sites making it by nature a simple BCP arrangement.


Coworking spaces like Found8 have instituted safety and preventive care actions at all locations to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment for their members. The Straits Times article highlighting companies’ increased shift in demand to coworking spaces also shared how it is a preferred alternative over telecommunications.


Members at Found8 are working as per normal because of the trust and obligation to be productive. With five locations available in Singapore, members can work in an interspersed manner adhering to BCP measures, all the while staying efficient.



2) The Full Room Personalisation and Flexibility of Space Types


A great thing about coworking companies is the diverse range of space types on offer. In addition to the in-house amenities and services, workstations span across hot desks, dedicated desks, and team rooms (private offices) that allow businesses to find the solution that suits them best. These spaces are perfect for accommodating smaller teams that wish to avoid working within a large company building during the COVID-19, as well as larger teams that can be segmented across rooms or locations. Besides, the office wouldn’t be complete without a meeting room to hold video conference calls, which is available to be booked hourly in a coworking space.


Found8’s variety of team rooms and meeting rooms are fully furnished with sleek equipment and Chrome Casting, making it a simple and flawless experience for virtual meetings.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


3) A Perfect Solution to Working From Home, Starbucks or the Library


The debate over working from home definitely elicits many voices both for and against it. While the WFH culture is often looked forward to by burnt-out, white-collared workers, Singapore and most of Asia still hold a fair amount of resistance to the concept. Bosses tend to over-manage, constantly check-in, and present a level of distrust towards workers without the physical 9-5pm presence in the office.


My sister, who is in advertising sales, shared how much her company’s BCP protocol has disrupted her schedule because of the WFH arrangements and divided teams, and I’m sure she’s not the only one. It took at least two weeks for her boss to implement a proper schedule for the team to communicate and meet-up, considering they were a small-sized team. In that time, there were multiple delays, tons of video calls, and an absence of urgency to complete tasks.


Her conclusion from the WFH experience?


She’d rather be working back in the office.




Because as many people feel, working in an office space is more conducive and work simply gets done more efficiently. WFH blurs the lines between the physical boundaries of office and home, which can seriously affect people seeking better work-life balance.


Finding the equilibrium for work, personal life, and a level of flexibility sounds like a dream. Coworking spaces can be the answer to working competently and comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere, enabled with sophisticated communication channels and a sense of normality.



4) Get Greater Visibility on Employees and Employers Work


Working from home sounds great at first, but here’s a PSA for you: not everyone has the advantage of a home computer or a quiet space. We can’t hold the assumption that everyone can or will even enjoy WFH.


Factoring that into place, companies with a large number of employees can consider using coworking spaces when following BCP rules to sustain productivity. In situations like this, both employers and employees can be reassured knowing they are working within a stable office environment, remain easily contactable during working hours, and avoid video calls taken at home (no one wants to hear your neighbours’ dog barking during a quarterly review).



5) Enjoy The Creativity That Comes From Working At A Coworking Space


In another article by The Straits Times, a focal point relevant to a coworking space like Found8 is how creative, collaborative, and innovative thinking are stifled and bogged down by remote working.


At Found8, we leverage this aspect by advocating corporate innovation and encouraging people from different backgrounds to contribute to our ever-growing innovative ecosystem. Not only do we open up doors to a network full of visionary leaders, startups, and venture capital members, we are always welcoming companies of all sizes to join us.



In the midst of the worrying pandemic going on right now, Found8 provides a comforting prospect in telling you that your work productivity need not be done for. In fact, we should all make the most out of tough times and encourage growth, innovation, and development for yourself or business no matter the challenge.

Are you a startup entrepreneur, freelancer, or corporate company looking for support to grow your business?


Found8 is the leading coworking space provider and community that enables our game-changing members to collaborate and grow by providing the right network and environment. 


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