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Start Up 101

November 26, 2015


3 Things I Would've Done if I Could Turn Back Time


Seems like it has been a while since I started BoxGreen, wait…it’s been just 6 months only? Hindsight is always perfect right? We’d do so many things if we could turn back in time.

So here’s an on hindsight post today on what I would have done if I could turn back time.

  1. Outsource repetitive task sooner. While we were getting BoxGreen off the ground, I was printing the stickers of the box, printing the postcards and manually cutting them one by one. It is an absolute soul crushing job doing these operational tasks. It also takes away precious time when it could be used to think about how grow the business. Going out to interview and hire temporary help to take care of the administrative stuff is crucial and helpful to your company.
  2. Get a mentor. It’s easy to feel like “I know everything and I don’t need help” mindset that comes with getting your first tastes of success. It’s even easier to feel just discount the notion to ask for help. Now this may not sit very well with people but, I have been thinking about mentorship recently and I realized, most successful entrepreneurs out there actually have someone who have walked the road already to guide them. Warrant Buffet was mentored by Benjamin Graham, Luke Skywalker was mentored by Obi-Wan Kenobi, March Benioff was mentored by Steve jobs and the lists goes on. Mentors don’t come every day but when you do, chances are it’ll not only impact your business in ways you never thought possible, but it will also make you a better person.
  1. Savor the moment. I admit, there are times when I felt miserable working on BoxGreen. I constantly asking why I am doing this to myself, sacrificing my time and money working on something that may not take off. Entrepreneurship is But it doesn’t have to be miserable. Sometimes it is the journey that matters more than not the end goal. I realized it a little too late but I’m still glad I can pursue my dreams while I have the means and support to do so.

That pretty much sums up the past 6 months and I hope my sharing would help you on your startup journey.