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Operation Hours

  • What are your operation hours?

    • We are open Monday – Friday, from 9:00 – 18:00.

  • Do you observe any holidays?

    • Found8’s front desk will be closed during the weekends and public holidays, according to the National Public Holidays calendar. However, the space will remain operational. Only Found8 members with 24/7 access memberships are allowed to enter and use the space on weekends and public holidays.


General Services

  • Do you provide mail and/or parcel handling services?

    • Yes. Our Community Executives at each space will receive any mail and parcels on your behalf and inform you through email. We will also distribute mail and parcels to members with Dedicated Desks and Private Offices during regular office hours.

  • Will you be able to receive my guests?

    • Yes. Our Community Executives at each space will attend to any walk-ins. If you are expecting guests, do inform the respective CEs in advance so that we are aware and will let you know.


  • How many guests can I invite?

    • Hot Desking, Dedicated Desk and Private Office members ​​may bring up to two Guests to enjoy the Common Areas of the relevant Space for up to two hours at a time. All Guests must be registered at reception upon arrival. Members will need to purchase a Day Pass for their Guests should they want to stay beyond the 2 hour time limit or if they need additional guest access (i.e. more than two guests).


  • Do you offer free refreshments?

    • Yes. Members and their guests can help themselves to the complimentary refreshments provided in the pantry. This includes water, coffee, tea, and light snacks. We do not sell any other food and beverages.


  • Do you provide any office supplies?
    • Yes. Stationeries are placed at printing areas and are free to be borrowed by members. Please return them accordingly after use. This includes staplers, writing supplies etc. If you require other stationeries and envelopes, they are available for free upon request.


  • Are there printing and/or scanning services?
    • Printing and scanning are only available for members' use. If you request for our Community Executives to print documents on your behalf, there may be a charge of $0.10 for black & white printing and $0.50 for coloured printing (A4 size).


Our Spaces | Your Second Home

  • Is there free Wi-Fi?

    • Yes. There is free Wi-Fi at all Found8 spaces. For the Found8 Guest network, no password is needed. For Found8 Members, the password will be given during your onboarding session.


  • Are there lockers for rent?

    • Yes. Personal lockers are available for rent at additional costs. You may inquire about lockers with our Community Executives.


  • Are there laptops, tablets, monitors or other electronic devices for loan?

    • No. We do not offer electronic devices for loan, and they are not part of the Dedicated Desks or Private Office fittings. However, we do provide extension cords, HDMI cables, and video conferencing equipment upon request.


  • Do I need to pay for meeting room usage?

    • Yes. Meeting room availability and prices vary based on the meeting room size. For members, meeting rooms are free to use as long as the rooms have not been booked prior, and with a capped time usage of 1 hour per meeting. We advise members to book in advance for important scheduled meetings. If allocated meeting credits have been used up, normal charges apply. For external meeting room bookings, please email or inquire with our Community Executives if you are at one of our spaces.


  • How do I book a meeting room?

    • For Found8 members, you may book a meeting room through our members’ portal. For external meeting room bookings, please email or inquire with our Community Executives if you are at one of our spaces.


Day Pass

  • How do I activate my Day Pass after purchasing it?

    • After you've made the purchase, a confirmation email with the Day Pass details will be sent to you. Our membership team will also be in touch to confirm the date and location of your visit.

  • Which locations can I use my Day Pass at?

    • Day Passes can be used at any of our three locations in Singapore – Amoy, High Street Centre, and Tanjong Pagar.

  • Can I change the date of my Day Pass?

    • Yes. If you wish to change the date of visit for your Day Pass, inform the membership team at least 2 days in advance with your preferred date and location of your visit.

  • Which locations can I use my Day Pass at?

    • Day Passes can be used at any of our three locations in Singapore – Amoy, High Street Centre, and Tanjong Pagar.

  • I need a Day Pass at the last minute. Where can I purchase one?

    • You may purchase a Day Pass online or in-person at any of our spaces. If you are physically in space, do inquire and make a purchase with the respective Community Executives at the front desk. For online purchases, our Day Pass is available on the OfficeRnD platform for $53.50 (including GST).

      Step 1: Go to and sign up as a member.
      Step 2: Go to ‘Shop’ and click on Day Pass to add to cart.
      Step 3: Check out using a credit card.

  • Can I transfer ownership of the Day Pass?

    • No. The Day Pass usage rights belong to the person who purchased it.

  • What days and time can I use the Day Pass?

    • Day Passes are only valid from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. Should you require a space on a weekend or public holiday, kindly email your enquiry to

Hot Desk

  • What is the cancellation period for Hot Desk memberships?

    • Hot Desk Flexi: Up to 1 business day before the end of the calendar month.

    • Hot Desk Lite: 1 month's notice period.

    • Hot Desk Unlimited: 1 month's notice period.

  • Do I get free meeting room credits?

    • Hot Desk Flexi: No. For Hot Desk Flexi members, we offer discounted rates for event space and meeting room bookings.

    • Hot Desk Lite: Yes. 1 hour free meeting room credits per month.

    • Hot Desk Unlimited: Yes. 2 hours free meeting room credits per month.


Private Office

  • What is the cancellation period for Private Office memberships?

    • Flexi Private Office: 1 month's notice period.

    • Personal Private Office: 2 month's notice period.


  • What is the check-in process for Flexi Private Office members?

    • At the start of your membership, you are required to select the days you wish to access your Private Office with our membership team. Access passes and an onboarding session will be provided on your first day when you come into the space. Upon leaving, please return your access cards at the front desk.

  • How much deposit is needed for the Flexi Private Office and the Personal Private Office?

    • The security deposit for the Flexi Private Office is 0.5 months of the cost of your monthly membership, after deciding on the required number of days and people. The security deposit for the Personal Private Office is 2 months of the membership fee.


Virtual Office

  • What if I wish to work in space for the day?

    • You may purchase a Day Pass via your member portal on OfficeRnD, or seek assistance from the respective Community Executives.

  • Do you offer digital HR services?

    • Yes. We have numerous partnerships with companies providing HR and other digital services that offer discounted rates for Found8 members. These can be found under the ‘Benefits’ section in your OfficeRnD members portal.



  • What does my monthly invoice include?

    • Monthly invoices include the membership fee of an individual or company, any discounts or promotions, any additional fees (i.e. extra member fees, access card replacement fees, cleaning fees etc.), and any meeting room or printing overages you may have incurred. You will also see 7% GST charged. Overage charges from last month on this month’s invoice may also be shown in the current month’s invoice.

  • What payment methods are there?

    • We accept Online Payment, Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment.

  • What are external service charges?

    • External service charges refers to additional costs incurred during your membership period. These include but are not limited to, access pass replacement, cleaning services during off-boarding and others.

  • Where can I find my invoice history?

    • Your monthly membership invoices can be found in the member’s portal on OfficeRnD, billed on the 1st of every month. Two payment reminder emails will also be sent out prior to the due date.