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Fonud8 Tanjong Pagar level 23 space

3 Central Locations 

Situated next to MRT trains and bus stations in the heart of the central business district, our spaces are highly convenient and accessible.


Enjoy the unique amenities offered around each office location and discounts on partner F&B establishments.


Additionally, members can access Found8 workspaces interchangeably depending on where you're at. 

Your Personalised Space

What we’re doing here is unordinary, so why shouldn’t your workspace be? Our Private Offices are completely adjustable to the needs of you and your team.


Tell us what you want to have in your room to build that culture and environment that will take you, your team and your business  to the next level, and we will do our best to accommodate it. Your success is our success!


Explore our plans and pricing for private offices

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Your Path to Success

There’s tons of networking opportunities and support you can expect from our community. Share your business needs, problems and areas of opportunity with our team and we'll seek out solutions for you.


Our aim is to help connect you to relevant people, companies or partners in our startup ecosystem so that you can achieve your growth and business goals.

Connect, Network & Learn at our Events

Connect to our community through member-only events with exciting themes held on rotation across our space. Once a member, you’ll be invited to a variety of our members and partner events - exclusive, niche and knowledge sharing events led by our members for the community.


Tune in and subscribe to our latest podcast launch: Cut the BS by Found8!

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We invest in early-stage startups


Not strangers to the entrepreneurial journey, we understand the kind of support young businesses need. We have a multi-million dollar venture capital fund: Aurum Investments.



Learn more about Aurum Investments